• MagnixX® PLus

    Prevent muscle spasms & nerve neurological disorders - Depression &tension. Protection against Heart Failure- Liver Disease Control levels of Cholesterol-Diabetes. Anti-oxidant &toxins

  • Klixx®

    It reduces body weight & body fat.It Increases muscle mass & the speed of "basal metabolism". In a favorable effect on obesity and diabetes, it also improves control of blood glucose & blood sugar in diabetic patients. KlixX decreases the cravings for sugar.

  • TonixX ® Plus

    Memory support & mitochondrial function Cognitive protection, Concentration, Learning, For Physical Energy endurance & recovery


Immunity to Increase the body's resistance 
ImunixX ® 100 increase the resistance of the body:
  • During fall and winter seasons
  • In case of mental pressure and effort 
  • In case of strenuous efforts
  • In case of exposure to sunlight and / or other radiation
  • For a good bowel function  
The main components are:
  • ß-1,3/1,6-glucan
  • Vitamin D3
  • VitaminC
  • Zinc 
ImunixX® 100 per one capsule
  • ß-1,3/1,6-glucan
ß-1,3/1,6-glucan is one of the most exciting things happening today in the field of nutritional research. Beta glucans 1-3. 1-6 trigger an enhanced immune response enabling the body's defense system to attack and overwhelm pathogens. Its effects can include fighting off colds as well as helping alleviate allergy symptoms.
ImunixX ® 100 is available in a box of 30 tablets.  
The recommended daily dose is one tablet of ImunixX ® 100. The tablets should preferably be taken in the morning or before bedtime.Theß-1, 3/1, 6-glucans should be avoided in people with transplanted organs.

Company News

Launching of RumixX Plus New Package

New RumixX® Plus 60 tablets. Especially designed for the Lebanese market containing 60 Tablets instead of 180.

Where to Buy?

Soubra Pharmacy
56 Sameh Fakhoury St., Verdun Area, Beirut
Tel- Fax : +961 1866 266

Nouvelle Drugstore
Saida Highway , Bsat Center, Saida
Tel- Fax : +961 7722 044

New Pharm Drugstore
Al Aaqaybieh - South
Tel- Fax :+961 7260 261

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